If you have a Samsung SyncMaster 204B  monitor that either has a blinking power light or a very dark picture then this should help get you back running. There are 2 different versions of the power supply board and you will need to check your version before ordering. If your version shows Rev 0.0 then this is the kit you need, if you have rev 0.1 then you need the kit for the 214T, click here. Both power supply boards do the same thing but use different parts near the transformers. The monitor dis-assembly is the same for both versions of board. You can also check the capacitors in the center of the board, if they are 680uf then this is the correct kit, if they are 330uf then use the 214T parts kit available here.

 Below you will find a full walk thru on repairing your LCD monitor. To do the repair you will need the following tools: Soldering iron, de-solder braid, Phillips screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver. You will also need the following electronic parts:Qty(2) 680uf 25v, qty(2) 820uf 25v capacitors, qty(1)  330uf 25v. We sell a repair kit with all of the parts for $12.00

If you don't want to do the repair yourself, contact us about servicing the monitor for you. Most monitor repairs run $30-35 plus return shipping. Click here for details.

Here we have a non functional Samsung SyncMaster 204B 20" LCD monitor. This unit has a fast blinking power light. We have repaired several of these in our shop and they all have the exact same issue with the power supply.
First you need to remove the power cable, signal cable and the stand. To remove the stand you will need to remove the 2 thumbscrews, they are circled in yellow.
Once the base is removed you can easily remove the VGA or DVI signal cable and power cord. When working with a flat panel display it is best to put a towel down on your work space so you don't scratch the front of the display.

To remove the cover you will need to use the small flat blade screwdriver. Across the bottom there are several release tabs, if you insert the screwdriver into the slot the case will release. When you get one corner released just work your way around.

After the screen unit is removed from the plastic case we can get down to the repair. We need to remove the power supply unit. You will need to unplug the control panel, circled in red. The remove the 6 screws that are holding the metal shield in place (yellow circles).
Now unscrew and remove the power supply board. To remove the board you need to unscrew the 5 screws circled to yellow and unplug the 2 backlight plugs and the signal cable, all circled in red.

The 5 capacitors that need to be replaced are circled in yellow. We have already replaced the capacitors in this picture. Before replacement all of these caps had very noticeable bulging tops.
The replacements are as follows:
C301 and C302 680uf 25v - yellow circles
C111 and C110 820uf 25v - red circles
C112 330uf 35v - blue circle
Be sure to reinstall the caps with the polarity stripe going the same direction as the old ones come out.

After the parts are replaced just reverse the procedure to reassemble the case. Now apply power and you should have a fully functional monitor again.


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