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Here are a few pictures of bad capacitors on motherboards.

Notice on the above picture how the 2 caps vented out the top of the case. Be sure to check for this type of failure, sometimes it is very had to spot since the opening may be very small as on the cap to the right.

Here are a few pictures of capacitors that have popped and the electrolytic solution inside has leaked out from the top vent. This is not the same as a hot melt glue you may see holding the parts in place. The glue is rubbery and the chemical is usually dry and can be wiped off. Be sure to clean your board of all chemical if you see this type of failure, the chemical can cause your board to short out.

The two pictures above show a Dell GX270 motherboard, These motherboards are known to have this problem. If you are working on one of these units be prepared to replace about 15-18 bad capacitors.

We will be adding LCD monitor dis-assembly and repair guides in the coming weeks, please check back for your model. We will also be adding repair kits of parts needed for each model.

LCD Monitor Repair guides and kits



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