How to fix HP Laserjet 2100 vertical lines on print

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We have a law firm customer that prints a large number of envelopes with their Laserjet 2100 printers and after months of printing they start having image problems. This is a common problem with several models of the HP Laserjet printers including the LJ2100, LJ2200 and the LJ2300. These models us a flexible Teflon roller in the fuser assembly and the envelopes scratch the roller, after repeated printing the roller will get damaged enough to start showing print defects on the output pages. This article shows how to replace the fuser assembly in the printer to restore clear print images. Read more

Review: Square for Android, Iphone – Accept credit cards onsite

If you run a business and need to accept credit cards while out in the field then Square is for you. You can signup for the service and install the app on your Android or IOS device to begin accepting credit cards anywhere you have internet access. Read more

Repairing the Westinghouse LCM-19V5

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We had a Westinghouse LCM-19V5 come into the shop over the weekend with a failing power supply. The unit uses the DAC-19M001 power supply board. The monitor just had a blinking power light and no display. A failure of the power supply on this model can also be indicated by a monitor that is slow to turn on or takes a minute or two to show a picture. Read more