Review: Zalman VE-200 2.5″ HD virtual drive enclosure

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This is a very interesting device!! The Zalman 2.5″ Black Drive Enclosure w/ virtual drive is not your standard portable drive device. When plugged into a PC or Mac it shows as a hard drive and an optical drive. Just like any other drive case, when connected to your computer you can load and save data to the hard drive but you can also mount ISO images and actually boot to the image mounted in the virtual drive. Read more

Apple MacBook bottom case – Free replacement

If you have a MacBook that was purchased between October 2009 and April 2011 you may have issues where the rubber on the bottom of the case separates from the metal bottom cover. Apple has acknowledged this issue and will replace the bottom case free of charge, you will need to provide your serial number. Read more

Alert: Avast A/V seems to break Windows validation

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It appears that the Avast! V6 is breaking the Microsoft Windows validation. The issues seems to affect more users running Windows Vista SP1 but it is not limited to these users.  Microsoft forums have been seeing more users experiencing the ‘non-genuine’ notifications with a code of Licensing Data–>C:\Windows\system32\slmgr.vbs(291, 5) (null): 0xC004D401. Read more

Linksys Router setup screens for reference

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If you need to help someone setup their Linksys/Cicso router but you are not in the same location sometimes it gets to be quite tricky trying to guide them from screen to screen if you can’t see what they see.  Linksys has provided the configuration pages in HTML format so you can move from screen to screen just as you would on a router. The files can be found at: You just find the product model you need, click the directory and then click the version number. You will be presented with a web page version of the router.

If you have to support users of family members this information can be very useful.

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