Useful Software: Driver Magician

Ever since we published the review of the Zalman VE200 we have been getting emails asking for more information on the Driver Magician program. If you work on systems in a repair shop or even for friends then this piece of software would come in handy. Driver Magician allows you to back and restore device drivers with just a few clicks. We use the software almost every day when we rebuild customers system that are virus infected or when they have corrupted files. Read more

HP drops WebOS devices and will spin off PC business

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Today HP announced that they were dropping all development of WebOS devices including the TouchPad and the WebOS phones. In addition they will be spinning off the PC side of their business. They have also purchased a company called Autonomy (Enterprise Information Management) for $10 billion. What will this mean for users of HP PCs and the TouchPad? Read more

Trapster for Android – no more tickets

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We have had great comments about the Torque OBDII reader App article we did earlier so here is another free useful Android app that is automobile oriented – Trapster. If you live in or travel to areas that use red light cameras or speeding cameras then you should check this app out. With over 11 million downloads and 4.5 million traps in the database Trapster is well established. In addition to the camera information Trapster can also warn of construction zones, road hazards and school zones. Read more

Add Android 2.3 Gingerbread to your Nook E-Reader

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If you have a Nook E-Reader it already runs a limited version of Android but you can’t get access to the full Google Android market. The device is a great little tablet, easy to hold, fast enough for most things – it just needs more apps. Well now you can have Android 2.3 full version on your Nook in less than 5 minutes. Read more

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