How to make a bootable USB thumb drive toolkit.

Do you do virus removal for friends and relatives? Would you like to have a great collection of malware removal and diagnostics tools that’s easy to carry. We are about to show you how to make a bootable USB flash drive with Mini WinXP and the HirenCD that has anti-virus/Malware apps, drive recovery apps, network diagnostics programs and many other useful programs. Everyone that does computer troubleshooting and support needs a flash drive like this. Read more

Login to Google securely with a QR code

Example QR code

Google just release a new security feature that will allow you to login your Google accounts at any computer without typing your password with the help of your Android phone or Iphone. If you ever use public computers such as ones at school, in a coffee shop or library where you are not sure the system is free of keylogger software then this will be a useful feature for you.

First you will need to go to This page will display a QR code as seen here. Next use your Iphone or Android phone to scan the QR code. This will signal Google that you are located at the terminal displaying the QR code. Once the code has been scanned the web page will refresh and you will be logged into your Google account. Give it a try, it works great.

Repairing the Samsung 920N / 920NW monitors

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In this repair guide we will show you how to dis-assemble the Samsung 920N /920NW monitors and repair a power supply board that has failed. Both the 920N and 920NW use the same power supply board, one has the audio amplifier and the other does not but the power supply is the same. The board is part number ILPI-036 also shown as 79097140 rev A has the audio and rev B does not. If you have one of these monitors with no display, a flashing power light, a wavy picture or it takes a while to show a picture when you first turn it on then this guide will show you how to repair your monitor. Read more

Security breach at, 24 Millions customer records accessed

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If you are a customer of the web shopping site WWW.ZAPPOS.COM then you need to change your password. Late Sunday night the online retailer posted a notice stating that they had a security breach and that the account information for 24 million customers had been accessed but that the account data did not include credit card information. Zappos has stated that the passwords accessed on their site were encrypted but did not give any more information about how. The company is working with law enforcement to investigate the breach. They are requiring all returning customers to change their passwords. Read more

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