Apple iTunes version 10.6.1 now available

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iTunes Logo: Apple Inc.

Apple release iTunes version 10.6.1 to correct several issues with the software. The software updates are for both MAC and PC based systems. The updates should correct issues where iTunes stops responding while syncing iPod non and iPod shuffle devices. Also addressed is issues in iTunes affecting video playback and syncing pof photos to IOS devices. The last issues resolved pertain to browsing and ordering TV episodes in your iTunes library on Apple TV devices.

The update files are 126MB for OS X and 72MB for windows devices and is available from Apple at the following link: (No longer valid newer version available)

Be sure to grab the update to prevent issues with your iTunes account.

Adobe Flash player and Adobe Air security updates released

Adobe release another update to Flash player to close to address critical vulnerabilities are being actively exploited. This update follows behind the last emergency update from 3/6. The patch addresses the issues from the following security bulletins – CVE-2012-0772 and CVE-2012-0773. This update is marked critical because of the active threat which could allow someone to take control or the compromised system. Read more

Replacing a display in a HP DV6700 series laptop

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Laptops are still several hundred dollars so if your screen gets damaged what do you do? In most cases you can replace the display for less than $100. In the video here we will show you how to replace the LCD display in a HP DV6700 series laptop. The steps will basically be the same for any laptop from any manufacturer. The first thing you need to do is get a replacement screen. Read more

Does the New iPad have heat buildup issues?

March 19, 2012 by · 2 Comments
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The new iPad has been getting good reviews but some users are having major heat problems with the units. The past 2 versions of the iPad have had heat problems too but the latest seems to have move of an issue with some users stating that they can’t even hold the iPad after 30 minutes of use. From what users are posting on Apple’s discussion forums the problem exists on all versions of the new iPad- WI-FI and Verizon and AT&T LTE.
Read more

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