Google Drive is here, 5gb online store for free

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The long awaited Google Drive cloud storage is now available, it went live today. For the past few weeks the rumors have been going around about what the service will have to offer, well now the rumors can be put to bed. Google Drive has 5gb of cloud storage for free and you can get up to 1tb of storage with paid accounts. Up to 99.95% up time is being stated by Google which is pretty good too. The Google Drive storage is actually an extension of the Google Docs application and files stored in Docs do not take up the storage of Drive but will be accessible. One interesting feature of Drive is that docs uploaded will be scanned with OCR to allow document searching. Read more

Asus Transformer Prime GPS fix, add a free external dongle

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If you have a Asus Transformer Prime then you should be familiar with the GPS issues this unit has, Asus has been fighting this problem since the units came out. The problem is caused by the solid aluminum body of the unit that is blocking or limiting the GPS signal from getting to the GPS receiver chip inside the unit. This has been such a problem that Asus even took the GPS information off the Transformer Prime web page and so now they do not even show the unit has the capability. Well if you have a Transformer Prime unit and would still like to have the GPS capabilities restored help may be available. Read more