Alert: Evernote site hacked – passwords stolen

Over the past few days the Evernote web site was hacked and user data was taken. This data consisted of user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses. At this time they do not believe any customer data has been compromised. If you use the Evernote service you will need to reset your passwords online and on any iOS or Android devices that connect to the service. There are full reset instructions posted in your account on the service. Log into your account and follow the directions to reset your main account first then update your devices with the new information. Read more

ComboFix Anti-malware software compromised

January 30, 2013 by · 1 Comment
Filed under: Computer Security has reported that the ComboFix distribution that was being hosted on their site was found to contain a file infected with the Sality virus. The compromised version was found yesterday and traced to the download package updated at 2am on Jan 29th. Other sites have mirrored the infected files so if you have downloaded and used ComboFix within the past 24hours then your system may be infected with Sality. If you already had your copy of ComboFix prior to yesterdays update then your files are clean and you can continue to use it without worrying. Most Anti-Virus program programs will catch Sality because it is fairly old. But keep in mind not all users keep antivirus programs up to date and if you are needing to run ComboFix then chances are that the system is already compromised by some virus and the anti-virus program may already be disabled. Read more

Replacing a broken keyboard on the Dell Latitude D620 and D820 laptop

January 24, 2013 by · 1 Comment
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Photo credit: Dell

Replacing a non-functioning keyboard on a laptop is very easy to do. We have had a few Dell D620 and D830 laptops come into our shop with broken or sticky keyboards that needed to be replaced. The process takes less than 3 minutes to do and only takes a small Philips screwdriver to complete. Read more

How to hide apps on Samsung Android 4.XX devices

January 21, 2013 by · 5 Comments
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Now you see them, Now you don’t! All Android devices come with apps built in that you will never use, this is called bloatware. They just take up screen space but can not be deleted because they are in the OS. Well is you are running a Samsung device with Android 4.XX (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher then you have the option of hiding the apps icon so it does not take up space on your screen. This function is also useful if you have apps that you do not want other people getting into such as banking apps, PayPal etc. The apps will not be uninstalled just hidden from view. This is not a secure way to hide them just out of site. Read more

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