Alert: Evernote site hacked – passwords stolen

Over the past few days the Evernote web site was hacked and user data was taken. This data consisted of user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses. At this time they do not believe any customer data has been compromised. If you use the Evernote service you will need to reset your passwords online and on any iOS or Android devices that connect to the service. There are full reset instructions posted in your account on the service. Log into your account and follow the directions to reset your main account first then update your devices with the new information. Read more

How to hide apps on Samsung Android 4.XX devices

January 21, 2013 by · 5 Comments
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Now you see them, Now you don’t! All Android devices come with apps built in that you will never use, this is called bloatware. They just take up screen space but can not be deleted because they are in the OS. Well is you are running a Samsung device with Android 4.XX (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher then you have the option of hiding the apps icon so it does not take up space on your screen. This function is also useful if you have apps that you do not want other people getting into such as banking apps, PayPal etc. The apps will not be uninstalled just hidden from view. This is not a secure way to hide them just out of site. Read more

Review: Seidio Extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3

December 30, 2012 by · Leave a Comment
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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great phone but if you use 4G service, play games and watch videos the phone will drain the battery fast. Seidio has a solution, the SSGS3
extended battery pack. This 3500mAh battery pack will almost double your battery life over the OEM 2100mAh battery that comes with the S3. Read more

How to install Adobe Flash on your Kindle Fire HD

December 27, 2012 by · 105 Comments
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So you got an Amazon Kindle Fire HD but some of the web sites you want to view do not work right because it is missing a flash player. No Youtube, no embedded videos on web pages etc. You go to the Amazon app store and look for Adobe flash player but its not there. What do you do now? Read more

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