How to install Adobe Flash on your Kindle Fire HD

December 27, 2012 by · 105 Comments
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So you got an Amazon Kindle Fire HD but some of the web sites you want to view do not work right because it is missing a flash player. No Youtube, no embedded videos on web pages etc. You go to the Amazon app store and look for Adobe flash player but its not there. What do you do now? Read more

Add wireless printing to Android devices

Credit: PrinterShare App

If you want to print from your Android device to a networked printer then we have found you app for you. The app is called PrinterShare Mobile Print and it is available from or from App store App Store. You can print from Gmail, text messages, pictures, emails, call logs and almost any file that is viewable. There are printers that allow your Android device to print to them but if you are not connected to that network then you are out of luck. PrinterShare solves this in an easy to use app. You can even use the app to print to remote printers that are configured with the PrinterShare software. This app requires Android 1.5 or above. Read more

Installing Adobe Flash player on Android devices

November 19, 2012 by · 29 Comments
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Adobe has officially stopped supporting Flash on Android devices but with so many web sites like Youtube needing Flash to show the content there needs to be a way to solve this problem. We will show you how to sideload Adobe Flash player onto your Android device so you can still use all of the web content that relies on it to operate. You do not need to root your device or change any system files to do this so your warranty will still be valid. Read more

Improve your internet speed by changing your DNS.

September 12, 2012 by · 4 Comments
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Did you now that you may be able to speed up your internet searches by changing just 2 sets of numbers? This article will show you how you can find out. Your computer uses DNS (Domain Name System) servers to lookup and translate the web address that you type in such as into the IP address of that site. The internet does not really work with web site names, it only works with IP addresses. By checking the reply speed of your current DNS provider and comparing it to other providers you may be able to reduce the time required to look up IP addresses which will increase your internet speed. Read more

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