Repairing a Polaroid TLA-01911c with a bad power supply

May 7, 2012 by · 3 Comments
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The Polaroid TLA-01911c LCD TV used bad quality capacitors int he power supply board and this has been causing many problems. The power supply board is the 200-000-xxxxtltx. This board is also used in several other brand and model of TVs such as the following Element FLX-2210 and FLX-2211 because these units are all actually made by Funai corp. If you have one of these units that has any of the following symptoms then your power board is having issues: No power, flashing power light, take a long time to show a picture or has a wavy picture. The capacitors are in the filter section and when they start failing the power supply can not start up correctly causing all of these issues. When the capacitors go bad you can usually see a bulging or doming of the top, it should be flat. When replacing the capacitors you should replace all of them not just the ones showing bulging. Read more

Visco VSC-37V1 – no picture, let’s repair it.

January 16, 2011 by · 2 Comments
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In this repair guide article we will be repairing a Visco VSC-37V1 37″ LCD monitor that has a power light but no picture, but it could also have no power or a blinking power light caused by the same issue. This model uses the MLT070AX power supply that is also used in the following Polaroid models: 3700, FLM-323B , FLM-373B , FLM-3732 and in some Element TVs such as the FLX3711B Read more