Reinstalling the optical encoder strip on a HP Officejet 8600 printer

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This issue has come up from time to time in our shop so we are posting this article and maybe it will help other readers. HP as well as other manufacturers use optical encoder strips in inkjet printers to tell the print head carrier how for it has moved and also when it return to “home” position. If you get a bad printer jam that blocks the carrier this encoder strip can get disconnected and then the printer can not print anything. We are about to show you how to repair the strip if it is damaged and reinstall it so the printer can function again. This guide uses the OfficeJet Pro 8600 as an example but the steps are the same for any printer that uses these encoder strips. Read more

Replacing the printheads in a HP Business Inkjet 2600 printer

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Larger format inkjet printers such as the HP Business Inkjet 2600 series shown here have ink tanks and separate printheads.  The two piece design is needed because of the higher speed printing. The printheads are much smaller and lighter weight and the printer can move them back and forth across the page faster than moving the whole ink tank that is much heavier. When the printhead determines that it is failing the printer will notify you that you need to change the printhead to maintain print quality. We will show you how to change the print heads to help keep your printer printing as good as a new one. Read more

How to fix HP Laserjet 2100 vertical lines on print

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We have a law firm customer that prints a large number of envelopes with their Laserjet 2100 printers and after months of printing they start having image problems. This is a common problem with several models of the HP Laserjet printers including the LJ2100, LJ2200 and the LJ2300. These models us a flexible Teflon roller in the fuser assembly and the envelopes scratch the roller, after repeated printing the roller will get damaged enough to start showing print defects on the output pages. This article shows how to replace the fuser assembly in the printer to restore clear print images. Read more

HP LaserJet 3330 “scanner warming up” Error

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Do you have a Laserjet 3300 series or 3380 series laser printer with the “scanner bulb warming up” error? Read more

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