Alert: Evernote site hacked – passwords stolen

Over the past few days the Evernote web site was hacked and user data was taken. This data consisted of user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses. At this time they do not believe any customer data has been compromised. If you use the Evernote service you will need to reset your passwords online and on any iOS or Android devices that connect to the service. There are full reset instructions posted in your account on the service. Log into your account and follow the directions to reset your main account first then update your devices with the new information. Read more

iMac 1tb hard drive warranty replacement update

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Last July Apple released a service bulletin concerning the 21.5″ and 27″ iMac units with Seagate 1tb hard drives sold between May 2011 and July 2011, see our full story here. They just extended the coverage to included the machines sold back to October 2009. If you have a unit with a 1tb hard drive and has or has had issues with the drive you will need to contact Apple service to have the unit serviced. Read more

Some iPhone 5 users reporting Wi-Fi issues

It seems some of the new Apple iPhone 5 units may be having Wi-Fi issues connecting to WPA secured wireless networks. Starting Friday as users were unboxing and setting up their new iPhones the reports started coming in. The reported issue is that some units will not connect to wireless routers that have WPA security encryption enabled. When you try to connect to a web site the user either gets no connection or a very intermittent connection. The same iPhone will connect if the WPA is turned off and the router is set to open access, this is not a good solution to the problem. Whats interesting is that the units with the WPA problems can connect to other iPhones that are running Hot Spot software or over LTE and 3G with no problems. The issue is not software related either because older iPhone 4 and iPad models that upgraded to iOS6 work fine. Read more

Be sure to get the TV size you paid for.

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If you are in the market for a new LCD or LED TV be sure to check the real size of the screen. We found this article from NBC news that indicates some manufacturers are inflating the screen size in advertisements. If you see the size listing such as 40″ class the federal trade commission states that can mean the actual screen can be as small as .5″ less or 39.5″ Where the issue comes in is that some manufacturers are selling 38.5″ screens and listing them as 40″ which is in clear violation of the ruling. Read more

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