Add wireless printing to Android devices

Credit: PrinterShare App

If you want to print from your Android device to a networked printer then we have found you app for you. The app is called PrinterShare Mobile Print and it is available from or from App store App Store. You can print from Gmail, text messages, pictures, emails, call logs and almost any file that is viewable. There are printers that allow your Android device to print to them but if you are not connected to that network then you are out of luck. PrinterShare solves this in an easy to use app. You can even use the app to print to remote printers that are configured with the PrinterShare software. This app requires Android 1.5 or above. Read more

How to make a Microsoft Defender Offline USB drive

Everybody gets infected with spyware and malware from time to time if you use the internet. In this article we will show you how to make a bootable USB drive with Microsoft Defender Offline software that you can boot from and scan your PC to remove root kits and malware that are almost impossible to remove from within Windows. Read more

HP releases iLO app for Android & iPhone

Last month HP quietly released the iLO app for Android and iOS devices, if you are running Prolient servers with iLO (integrated lights out) then you really need to look into this app. Just like the desktop client, this app will allow you to log into your server, mount images and load software from your portable device. If you support servers that are iLO capable then this software will make your life easier. No longer will you be limited by your location when something goes wrong or you need to do some updates to you system. You will have full control over the servers from any location that has internet access. Read more

How to make a bootable USB thumb drive toolkit.

Do you do virus removal for friends and relatives? Would you like to have a great collection of malware removal and diagnostics tools that’s easy to carry. We are about to show you how to make a bootable USB flash drive with Mini WinXP and the HirenCD that has anti-virus/Malware apps, drive recovery apps, network diagnostics programs and many other useful programs. Everyone that does computer troubleshooting and support needs a flash drive like this. Read more

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