LG L196WTQ-BF LCD Monitor Repair

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Here we will be doing a repair on the LG L196WTQ-BF LCD monitor, this unit has no display or power light. The same issue we will be solving here could also cause the picture to flicker or the monitor to be very slow to show a picture. The power board in the unit is AIP0157 Rev. C this board is also used in the LG L194WT other brands may use the same one.  Update: Reader Daniel says this kit also works on the LG L1932TQ-BF. The repair should take about 30 minutes to complete.

To do the repair you will need the following tools: Soldering iron, de-solder braid, Phillips screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver. You will also need the following electronic parts: qty(2) 1000uf 25v capacitors, qty(2) 1000uf 16v capacitors, qty(1) 680uf 25v capacitor and qty(1) 470uf 25v capacitor. We sell a repair kit with all of the parts for $12.00 if you need to get one.

If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, use the service request link above. Most monitor repairs run $30-35 plus return shipping.

If you would prefer to watch a video on this repair it is available HERE.
Here we have a non functional LG L196WTQ-BF flat panel monitor that has no power at all.

First thing is lay the unit on a flat surface and remove the base and cables. next you will need to remove the case. Remove the screws shown circled here.

The case should separate easily but if not then you may need to use the flat blade screwdriver between the two halves. When you get a small section open then just work your way around the outside edges until its is all detached.

Now you will need to disconnect the front control panel cable circled in yellow here.

After the control panel cable you will need to disconnect the display panel signal cable. The ends has release catches hat will need to be pressed to remove in from the socket.

After these cables have been unplugged then you can flip the metal shield over to reveal the driver board and the power supply that we will be working on. To remove the power supply board disconnect the four backlight plugs circled in yellow and then remove the screws circled in red.

This is the power board that is causing the problems. The model is AIP0157. The parts we will be replacing are circled in yellow here. At location C206 and C202 replace the 1000uf 25v caps. At location C205 and C208 replace the 1000uf 16vcaps. The last two to replace are at C203 – 680uf 25v and C207 – 470uf 25v. Be sure to use good quality low ESR, high ripple current, high temp capacitors or you can damage the power supply board. More information on getting the correct capacitors can be found on our capacitor page.

After replacing the capacitors just reverse the procedures above to reassemble the monitor and you should not be back with a working unit as seen here.

Updated 4/25/2012: Added the video guides
Part 1: Disassembly

Part 2: Board repair

The capacitor kit is available here:

Part 3: Reassembly and testing

This is not guaranteed to solve all problems but in most cases this is the issue with this model.

If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, use the service request link. Most monitor repairs run $35-40 plus return shipping.

Be sure to check out our forums section where you can ask questions about this repair or find information about other topics.

Post a comment below to let us know how your repair went!

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67 Comments on LG L196WTQ-BF LCD Monitor Repair

  1. Rick Hamner on Sat, 27th Mar 2010 10:17 am
  2. I have this monitor but the problem I have is sometimes it comes on. Power light and display and sometime power light and display does not come on. If I leave unplugged for about three days it comes back on. If i turn on and off verys from 5 times 20 times then it won’t power back on until I leave unplug for maybe later that day or maybe three days or so.
    What could be causeing this?


  3. admin on Sat, 27th Mar 2010 9:01 pm
  4. Hello Rick,
    That type of issue is usually cause by the power board. Your machine should be repairable by rebuilding the power supply board as described in the article. The turning on and off multiple times woks because eventually the capacitors will hold enough charge to allow the power board to start up and output the correct voltages to run the unit. When you turn if off for several hours the capacitors discharge and you have to start all over again trying to get then to hold the charge.

  5. matty on Tue, 30th Mar 2010 5:59 pm
  6. i have this monitor. When i get the monitor to actually power on, the screen is completely white. Will this fix solve my problem? also, the capacitors are not blown! the tops are in perfect condition. can they still be bad?

  7. admin on Tue, 30th Mar 2010 8:43 pm
  8. Hello,

    If the capacitors fail slowly then them may not show any signs of failure but will in fact be bad. his happens a lot with CapXon and Elite brand caps. The other thing that could cause the white screen is a blown fuse on the LCD panel control board. This is the board on the back of the panel itself. Look around the connector where the cable that runs from the panel to the driver board plugs in to the panel. It will usually be labeled F100 and is a 2amp pico fuse. You can test the fuse on your panel with a multitester set to continuity. My first thoughts would be bad caps.

  9. matty on Thu, 8th Apr 2010 3:46 pm
  10. ok, i replaced my caps using your $12 kit… (fast and efficent shipping i must say! thanks!) now, the monitor powers on, and i can get a picture using my desktop, but the picture is very grainy with lines and shadows… if i try it with my lenovox300 laptop, i get an out of range message… any ideas what could be causing this? thanks for your help!

  11. admin on Thu, 8th Apr 2010 3:54 pm
  12. This sounds like the signal cable from the controller board to the panel is not seated all the way down. This cable is the one with the red and white wires. Check it on both ends and be sure its seated well in the connectors and let us know if that gets it going. The laptop is have that issue because it must be set to a resolution that the monitor can’t display. Go into the display settings on the laptop and set the resolution on the external monitor to a lower setting and frequency and then try it, the display should work ok now.

  13. matty on Thu, 8th Apr 2010 4:40 pm
  14. ok i checked that cable and it was seated correctly on both ends. Still have the flickering lines throughout the screen… anything else i can try?

  15. matty on Thu, 8th Apr 2010 5:17 pm
  16. addition to previous: when i checked the red and white wired cable, i removed it from the board, and reseated it to make sure it was in tight. I put he monitor back together and it worked perfectly… after about 2 mins, the problem came back with flickering lines, but not as bad… im assuming this cable might be bad… can i get a replacement? or do you have another suggestion?

  17. matty on Fri, 9th Apr 2010 3:49 pm
  18. ?

  19. matty on Fri, 16th Apr 2010 10:45 am
  20. hey guys, you were quick to respond before, now im having trouble reaching you. I changed the capacitors using your kit, and got a picture back! However, it has red and white lines running down the screen. I adjusted my signal cable and the picture was clear for a bit then went back to lines. I believe i need to replace this cable. Do you sell them? or do you think its another problem? thanks

  21. CCL_TECH on Fri, 16th Apr 2010 12:38 pm
  22. Hello,

    Sorry for the delays in responding, we have been swamped with service requests. ok thing to try no is with the monitor on try moving the cable on each end to see if in fact the cable is the issue. Don’t unplug it but just flex it a little bit. If the picture stabilizes while you hold the cable then that is in fact the problem. If you can’t get it to stop the lines then most likely the cable is not the issue. I have not seen the cables for sale thru any parts sources other than buying a non-functional unit and stripping the cable out of it. If you do find out that the problem is the cable you can look at the end that plugs to the LCD panel and make sure the wires are pressed into the sections of the connector snugly. If you find some have pulled out a bit you can sometimes reinsert them with a very small flat bladed screwdriver tip and a bit of gentle pressure. Le me know what you find and we will go from there.

  23. Vlad on Sat, 17th Apr 2010 9:20 am
  24. I have the same monitor with the same prob. – no power. Took the power supply out. Although the caps. look ok, no leaks, two are very slightly bulged out the top. I do have some heating on the board, as indicated by a browning of the board around the two 8 pin ICs, opposite the power plug. I do see the photo of your board also is discolored in that area. I’d like to have you ship me the package of the caps. as this seems like a logical fix, but will you ship this up to Canada?

  25. CCL_TECH on Sat, 17th Apr 2010 11:22 am
  26. yes, We ship worldwide. The discoloration is normal just due to the heat. Any bulging of capacitors on the board indicates component failure, replace them and you should be back running again.

  27. Slimm on Tue, 4th May 2010 6:22 pm
  28. I have an LG monitor like this the power light just flickers very dim wihte light. This is the third monitor in 2 years that has died on this Desk top. Could my radian video card from 2001 be causing this ? IT has happened when I turn the computer off for a period 2 days or longer. Other wise my sys runs 24 7 365

  29. admin on Wed, 5th May 2010 10:22 am
  30. Hello Slimm,

    The problem in most likely having the unit on 24/7/365 not the video card. Old CRT monitors had a lot of room in the case to dissipate the heat but LCD monitors do not. The parts in the power supply section can get over stressed and fail because of the heat trapped in the tight confines of the case. You should be able to repair the unit by replacing the caps on the power supply board. If you run it continuously be sure the unit has good ventilation not pushed back in a cabinet or under a shelf, this should help it last longer.

  31. lox on Sun, 23rd May 2010 4:07 pm
  32. I have an LG L194WS that worked well for approx. 3 1/2 years, this morning it went DOA, no LED, no image, nothing.
    For the past two weeks it’s been noticeably slow to start so I knew something was up.
    I searched online, found your site, opened the box (hardest part of the job btw) located a domed capacitor, bought a new one at Frys, installed it and the monitor powered up immediately, works perfectly.
    Words can’t properly convey my gratitude, your site saved me having to buy a new monitor simply put.
    Relative noob here, so it feels pretty good to have desoldered and resoldered components on on a pcb and it works first time.
    Much obliged!

  33. admin on Tue, 1st Jun 2010 3:21 pm
  34. Glad we could help,

    You will need to watch because if one went out and you only replaced that one the others will soon be failing too. If you have to go back in and replace another one just go ahead and replace the rest of them on that time.

  35. Alan85 on Wed, 7th Jul 2010 4:59 am
  36. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this. I wonder which model of Rubycon capacitor suite to replace this… is it AC use or DC use capacitor? and low impedance, low ESR…..

  37. admin on Thu, 8th Jul 2010 11:46 am
  38. This article will give you the manufacturers and series that are recommended for power supply repairs.

  39. Zach on Thu, 29th Jul 2010 11:10 am
  40. Awesome tutorial. Worked like a charm. Thanks!!

  41. Dom Hobson on Wed, 25th Aug 2010 8:13 am
  42. Hi,

    I have a LG Flatron L194WT-SF that has stopped working. When powered on, the blue led power light illuminates briefly but then goes out and will not power back on again until left for a period of time. When trying again the screen tries to power on but again fails.

    Would replacing the Caps resolve this problem?



  43. admin on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 9:05 pm
  44. Hello Dom,

    Yes, Replacing the caps in the power supply board should solve the problem.

  45. John Bradbury on Fri, 10th Sep 2010 11:25 pm
  46. I found this article when my LG monitor stopped working. I looked around locally for the parts but had no luck, so I ordered them from this site. Very reasonable price and received them in the expected time (since I live on Vancouver Island Canada). 15 mins later – using my trusty propane soldering iron, and I was snapping everything back together. Monitor works great. THANKYOU!!! Now I am digging around for more busted LCD monitors, this is fun!!.

  47. Kris Russell on Sat, 11th Sep 2010 6:52 am
  48. Bought your kit and fixed my monitor using your directions! Thank you so much! You saved us from having to buy a new monitor!

  49. C P Orantes on Sun, 12th Sep 2010 2:54 pm
  50. I have an LG Flatron L226WTQ-BF monitor that powers on but does not show anything but White on the screen. It is white if I plug in the VGA or the DVI conector or if I have nothing plugged in at all. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

    TIA for your help.

  51. Daniel Grose on Thu, 16th Sep 2010 12:40 pm
  52. This repair kit also works on the LG Flatron LGL1932TQ-BF monitors too. Just finished the repair and currently using the monitor.

  53. Tom Voetberg on Fri, 12th Nov 2010 5:14 pm
  54. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great walkthrough. I received the capacitors in the mail today and got to work. Having never attempted a repair on my own before I wasn’t holding my breath. I got everything in place and put back together and the monitor is working just like it did before the failure. Best 12 dollar repair ever!

  55. Mark Rock on Wed, 15th Dec 2010 2:52 am
  56. I can now confirm that this kit works in the LG Flatron L1932TQ-BF monitor, with one caveat. The 1000uf 16v capacitors in the kit are taller than the originals. This means that the plastic power supply cover no longer fits. You can drill clearance holes in the plastic cover, or leave it off as I did. I agree with the above comment: BEST $12 REPAIR EVER! Thanks Corporate Computer.

  57. Kevin on Tue, 15th Feb 2011 5:30 pm
  58. Thanks so much for helping with my custom problem. Best value repair ever! Not sure if it can help others, but here is a link to the info you provided me that helped with my specific problem with my LG L196WTQ-BF


    Thanks again!

  59. MilesG on Tue, 15th Mar 2011 5:52 pm
  60. I have a l226wtq-sf monitor and replaced the caps, now it powers on but there is no picture. If i unplug it and plug it back in i see the lg flat screen logo ok so the screen is working. Also the settings controls do not work. It does recognise digital or analog connector being plugged in but just no picture. What might cause this? Thanks

  61. MilesG on Wed, 16th Mar 2011 9:31 pm
  62. Found out the problem, had to go into the service menu and reset it. Thanks for the info, inexpensive repair.

  63. elliptic on Fri, 25th Mar 2011 3:53 pm
  64. Thanks for explaining the details of repairing a display.
    I have an LG L246WP Flatron display. Power On made problems
    for a week before display died. Bad capacitors suspected.

    Hardest problem was to open the case. Two caps obviously broken.
    Details for explaining what type of capacitors to use was very helpful.
    The power board had space for three parallel capacitors, but only
    two have been used before. I inserted now three capacitors with 2/3
    of the capacity of the old. Now it works again.

  65. Kenny M on Tue, 3rd Jan 2012 10:34 pm
  66. Have a custom issue with my LG L196WTQ-BF. I had donated the monitor to my church to use as a stage monitor for lyrics, and at some point it was dropped and ceased working. Now when plugged in and turned on, the power button turns from yellow to blue as normal, the LG logo appears and the display image comes up slightly dimmer than normal, and after 5 seconds from being turned on, the backlight goes out completely and the image can only be seen by shining a bright light into the LCD. If you hit the source button or turn the monitor off and back on, the issue repeats itself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  67. CCL_TECH on Wed, 11th Jan 2012 3:53 pm
  68. You can check the power supply for capacitor failure but you may have a broken backlight bulb. The power supply can sense the current draw and if a bulb is damaged or not plugged in it can cause the power supply to shut down (self preservation) so it does not blow out. First check the caps, if they look good them I would say the backlight but that is much more involved to replace. Let us know what you find.

  69. kurt on Sun, 15th Jan 2012 10:58 am
  70. for LG 194ws-bf model L194WTS are the same one capacitors?
    i think i have a same problem … and my power board its like this one!
    tnx anyway

  71. Stumped on Sun, 15th Jan 2012 10:35 pm
  72. Hi, i have the lg l196wtq monitor, i have replaced the above mentioned capacitors and the unit now powers up. Now it lights up and says no input signal plus pushing any of the control buttons has no effect. Was just wondering if i missed something or have a second problem.

    Thank you

  73. admin on Mon, 16th Jan 2012 2:54 pm
  74. First thing to check is the control panel cable that goes from the front panel to the CPU/Video board. Me sure it is plugged in tight to the front panel board. Also check to make sure that none of the buttons are stuck pressed in. If one is stuck the panel will ignore all of the other button presses. Check it and let us know what you find, we can go from there.

  75. CCL_TECH on Tue, 17th Jan 2012 7:34 am
  76. Yes, The capacitors are the same on both units.

  77. kurt on Wed, 18th Jan 2012 8:42 am
  78. thanks a lot… it works again.
    but i change some capacitors
    from 25v to 50v and no problem..works fine
    i save 100$

  79. mm on Sat, 21st Jan 2012 1:39 pm
  80. I have one of these monitors, and i’m pretty sure that this repair is exactly what it needs – problem is, i cant get the case off! i took out the screws like you showed, but the case is still tightly sealed. i’ve pried it with a screwdriver enough to ding the edges, any more force and i’m pretty sure it will break. there’s a little slot on the lower left side of the back, with a lock sign next to it, is this how the case locks? and if so, how do i open it? it’s not obvious looking at the slot. Please help.

  81. Steve on Thu, 3rd May 2012 10:14 pm
  82. Hi–I have this board out of my LG 1933TR monitor. I see one bulging cap but looking closely at the board I see sever discoloration from heat–almost black– under resistors at positions D101, R110 and FB 101. Is this much discoloration normal or should I replace these as well? These are located between the heat sink and the transformer. THANKS for the info and your reply!

  83. CCL_TECH on Mon, 7th May 2012 10:58 am
  84. Discoloration due to heat is normal and in most cases does not indicate a problem, First replace the capacitors and that should solve the problems with the unit.

  85. Spence on Sat, 22nd Sep 2012 12:33 pm
  86. The kit worked very well and the instructions and video was very helpful. I have never attemped anything like this before and even surprised myself. The only casualty during the process was that I accidentally cut the zoom function cable on the control panel connector right at the connector plug. I tried to solder it but it didn’t take. Oh well, not a big deal – at least my daughter has a monitor for her netbook now.

  87. Rich Holloway on Fri, 7th Dec 2012 10:15 pm
  88. My LG L196WTQ monitor would not power up. After purchasing the capacitor replacement kit for this monitor and replacing same in the power supply, the monitor is working again. $12 for the kit sure beats buying a new one. The online instructions for this were very helpful as well.

  89. admin on Tue, 11th Dec 2012 5:24 pm
  90. Hello,
    We are glad to hear that your monitor is working again.

  91. Earl on Sat, 5th Jan 2013 10:51 pm
  92. Thank you! My LG L194WT is working again after having a blinking power LED and delayed power-up for a week or so, then it died. Received the kit promptly this morning, dug out my old, cheap soldering iron, actually found some solder (it’s been a while!), and got the capacitors changed (I can still solder!). The hardest part was being bold enough to pry the bezel and back shell apart. Also, the stand does not appear to be removable and the screw hidden beneath the stand does not have to be removed – just the four obvious ones.
    One suggestion that hopefully wouldn’t cut into your profits too much, or could be a small extra: include a few inches of de-solder braid and solder in the kit. It would help those of us who rarely need to do this kind of work anymore…
    Anyway, THANK YOU!! I forgot how accustomed I have become to having dual monitors!!

  93. akalest0s on Fri, 18th Jan 2013 8:23 am
  94. I am doing the repair at the moment. First time I repair an Lcd, fortunately it is my brother’s, so no much tension here, as if it was a customer’s.
    I had much trouble removing the plastic border, but managed to do it. Broke 1-2 clips, but that won’t hurt much.

    It’s a LG Flatron L194WT-SF.
    MANY thanks for this site, amazing help.

    On to the capacitors now…

  95. mokeddem on Fri, 8th Feb 2013 3:11 pm
  96. hi,i have monitor Lg Alfatron The model is L1719s. but the problem I have is sometimes it comes on. Power light and display about 10 second,the ^power board it’s same as this and i change the capacitor but not solve the problem.can you help me??????

  97. Arun kumar Bhattacharya on Sun, 10th Feb 2013 8:32 am
  98. Hi, I have a Flatron W1642S LCD monitor. The letters on the screen are very hazy and shaky. mouse arrow could not be seen properly on the screen.I lodged a complain vide id RNA130207040346 ON 07-02-2013 and was attended by a service centre. He did nothing just opened the back cover after which I was told that that panel board is to be changed which will cost me about Rs.7500. I declined and he put back the back cover and charged me Rs. 309.00 . I think the problem could be rectified by replacing the capacitors only. The service man seemed to quite ignorant about such job. He was just a novice person. please help me so that I can get it repaired.

  99. Dustin on Tue, 19th Feb 2013 10:39 pm
  100. Just finished this repair with success. Burned my finger but I think that is a right of passage for the first time. Thank you ccl-la!

  101. Daniel on Fri, 8th Mar 2013 9:33 pm
  102. I have a Flatron L206WTY-BF with a PSU issue. Two bulging caps (1000uf 16v) I replaced all five and the monitor came to life but only for a few minutes. I broke it all back down and noticed a surface mount cap C312 had burned out. Any Idea on what to check that would be causing that?

    [...] stay lit for about one second. At first I thought it might be due to a power supply issue. There is previous history on this subject, because there are a few monitors built around the same internal hardware. I [...]

  103. jaime on Fri, 12th Apr 2013 1:41 pm
  104. hi!
    first congratulations for your web and help
    is great
    well, here the story:
    i was trying to follow your instructions when i used a force more than required and i destroy a connector (perhaps is of the lines of: brightness, color…etc…)
    let me explain more
    one board is where the capacitors are…fine
    but there is another small board..besides…there… there is a connector with a line to the control of the plasm..
    anyone can tell me please what is the name of the small board in order to get it! {
    i shall appreciate your help
    thanks in advance

  105. jaime on Fri, 12th Apr 2013 1:51 pm
  106. hi again!
    i forgot to say that any ideas about reparing (the damage connector) shall be welcome

  107. Alex on Sat, 13th Apr 2013 7:36 pm
  108. Sorry for naive question, but if I just replace 6 different caps with new 6 caps of the same 1000uf 25v kind or stronger – does it make difference? Can I do it ?
    As I think the capacitors used in some LCD’s are just barely within spec , so they run near 100% all the time , this can cause failures.

  109. Henk on Wed, 1st May 2013 5:34 am
  110. Cool ..have a LG flatron wide 19″ 194 wt sf with a slightly different power board . Got some caps from my junkbox and its fixed ..thanks for the inspiation to open it as i almost threw it away : )

  111. Norman on Fri, 14th Jun 2013 5:40 am
  112. Hi,…there, I am from indonesia and I have LCD monitor LG L196WTQ, I am interested, in this power supply board ! are this power supply work on 220volt AC input voltage ? because in my country have 220volt AC input voltage… : )


  113. Jeff on Fri, 9th Aug 2013 11:18 am
  114. I have an LG Flatron L245WPQ monitor that is doing this same thing. I couldn’t find a repair guide for that model. Is the repair guide above similar to the model I have? Do you have a kit for my model? The L196WTQ looks similar to my model.



  115. Yves on Sun, 19th Jan 2014 8:31 pm
  116. I have a LG1953T. Looks different but the guts are the same. This thing was dead. I was ready to dump it but I replaced all 5 capacitors and it is now working very well. Cost me a little more than 6$ in 105 Deg C capacitors. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  117. Michael on Thu, 13th Feb 2014 3:50 pm
  118. Hello.
    My L196WTQ monitor stopped working a while ago. There was no image on screen and no power LED light.
    Today I replaced all the caps in it’s PSU as some of them were slightly bulged. Now the monitor is turning on. But it constantly shows the LG Flatron logo and does not react when I press any buttons on it. Even the power button doesn’t seem to work.

    Any ideas on what might cause this and how can I fix it?

  119. Larry on Sat, 30th Aug 2014 11:09 am
  120. I have the LG L196WTQ-BF LCD monitor but the power supply is NOT the one pictured in the repair procedures, Additionally, the capacitor kit sent does not match all the capacitors on my power supply board. My power supply appears to be model number PLLM-M602, rev 1.2.It has two 1000uF, 16V caps, one 1000 uF, 25V cap, two 680 uF, 25V caps one 1uF, 50V cap and two 68uF, 450V caps.

  121. Related on Sat, 18th Oct 2014 7:48 pm
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  125. Steve on Sat, 14th Mar 2015 9:21 am
  126. While removing the last connector in the video, it refused to come out and I damaged the connector to the point that it disintegrated. I now have loos wires without a connector and I don’t know the order of the wires to be able to re-assemble. I am referring to the connector on the L196/206WT-KEY board. Can anyone help me figure out how I can figure out the ordering of the wires so that I can re-connect without the connector shell?



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