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If you have a LG L226WTQ-BF monitor that either has a blinking power light, very dark picture or no power then this should help get you back running. The power board can be the AIP-0156 or the pllm-m602a and is also used in the LG L206WTQ, L222WTQ and the L225WT monitors. Below you will find a full walk through on repairing your LCD monitor. To do the repair you will need the following tools: Soldering iron, de-solder braid, Phillips screwdriver, flat blade screwdriver. You will also need the following electronic parts: qty(3) 1000uf 25v capacitors, qty(2) 1000uf 16v capacitors. We sell a repair kit with all of the parts for $12.00

If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, use the service request link above. Most monitor repairs run $30-35 plus return shipping.

Below you will find the step by step repair guide, if you would prefer to watch a video on this repair it is available HERE.

Here we have a non functional LG L226WTQ-BF flat panel monitor that has a flashing power button light and no picture.

First you need to remove the power cable, signal cable and the stand. Next remove the screws holding the back of the case on.

Now after the screws are removed you will need to use the flat blade screwdriver to separate the 2 case halves. Insert the screwdriver between the plastic case halves and gently pry the 2 apart. The case has plastic latches around the outside that will release as you pry.
Remove the LCD panel from the case and set them to the side.

You will need to remove the metal shield from the backlight plugs as shown in the picture.

Next you will need to unplug the 4 backlight power plugs as seen circled in yellow to the right. When re-assembling the monitor you can plug the plugs back into any the the sockets, there is not any polarity or voltage differences.

Gently lift up the metal shield as shown to the right. The board we need to get to is the one on the left.

Remove the 4 screws as circled below and remove the board from the shield. The 5 capacitors that need to be replaced are circled in the picture.

The part numbers on the board are as follows: C300, C203 and C206 are 1000uf 25volt and C208 and C209 are 1000uf 16volt. Be sure to install the new ones with the polarity stripe on the side going the same direction as the old ones come out.

After the parts are replaced just reverse the procedure to reassemble the case. Now apply power and you should have a fully functional monitor again.

Updated with video files 7/24/2012:
Part 1 – Disassembly.

Part 2 – Power supply board repair

The capacitor kit used in this video is available from our web store:

Part 3 – Reassembly and testing

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24 Comments on LG L226WTQ-BF Monitor Repair

    [...] I found out it’s easy to fix. Thanks to this website for the amazing archive of fixing LCDs. http://www.ccl-la.com/blog/index.php/lg-l226wtq-bf-monitor-repair/. Just several capacitors failing me, being the jack of all trade that I am I decided I’ll fix [...]

  1. Felipe on Sun, 20th Feb 2011 9:42 pm
  2. I have to give this guide a VERY HUGE THANKS! It solved my problem on my LG L226WTQ-BFQ monitor. After a week of blank screens when turning it on, the monitor just stopped working (the power LED wouldn’t lit up). There was a barely audible noise coming from within the monitor, probably the sound a damaged capacitor makes. Upon disassembling, the power board had a different layout than the one on this guide. There was only 1 1000uF 25V capacitor, not 3 as displayed here, and there were 2 1000uF 16V capacitors. I replaced the 3 capacitors and may monitor came back to life when i plugged it in. This is the best budget repair! Thank you Corporate Computer for saving us from having to buy a new monitor.

  3. Benjamin Ehlers on Sat, 19th Nov 2011 7:39 pm
  4. I have a LG L226WTX monitor, and it was suffering from the same kind of problem. After it finally died, I took it apart figuring I wasn’t out anything, and found the same bulging caps pictured above.

    I took the board to a local guy, and had him swap out the caps, and when I put everything back together it worked like a champ.

    thanks for the good write up!

  5. CCL_TECH on Sun, 20th Nov 2011 9:16 am
  6. Great!

    The only thing is to be sure the parts are low ESR and high temp or the will fail very quick and could damage the power supply board when they fail.

  7. Kuba on Sat, 22nd Sep 2012 11:28 am
  8. Thank you so much! This was first soldering job in my life. And it works! I was turned down by various “professional” repairmen who say that this can not be fixed. No way. But I don’t like to throw away things that are in almost-working condition so I decided to try it your way.
    Set of capacitors – about £5. Soldering iron (cheap one) – £3.50. Solder and de-soldering wick about £3.00. All together – less than £12.00. For this price I managed to save a lot of money and avoided to spoil the enviroment with another screen in the landfill.
    One drawback is the Her Majesty held the parcel on the border for almost two weeks. Obviously – they consider “electronic parts” as suspicious. Maybe you should describe parcel in some less-generic term. Like simple “capacitors”?
    Thanks again.

  9. CCL_TECH on Sat, 22nd Sep 2012 12:14 pm
  10. We’re glad you saved another one from the trash… It’s really amazing that so many computer repair stores say the same thing (can’t be fixed) when the repair is very easy to do. Sorry for the customs delay, the parcel was marked as a capacitor kit.

  11. Robert Dellapina on Mon, 24th Sep 2012 3:07 pm
  12. The power problem is fixed now! But the monitor has lines along one side and the bottom. Any idea on what the problem is now?? Thanks. Bob

  13. admin on Mon, 24th Sep 2012 3:27 pm
  14. Open the unit back up and check to make sure the signal cable from the driver board to the LCD panel is firmly secure at both ends.

  15. Christie Anand on Sat, 18th May 2013 5:49 am
  16. Hi

    Thanks for the info. Mine is an LG Flatron W1942S. The monitor was working fine for nearly 6 years and suddenly from yesterday. It would turn on show the LG Logo and when I boot up it just blinks black screen in sync with the boot up screen flow. I hear windows logo Sounds and other stuff. When I disconnect the cable it shows as ‘check signal cable’. I tried with a different monitor and it works just fine. Then I followed the steps you have mentioned here. It still shows the same thing :-( though it did not fix the problem I have learnt lots of stuff.

  17. Christie Anand on Sat, 18th May 2013 6:48 am
  18. Out of the blue the monitor started working again. With a few on and offs . Thanks a lot. But one thing i would like to emphasize is to orient the capacitors with the correct polarity.

  19. nkuli on Sun, 19th May 2013 10:33 am
  20. My monitor is an LG L129SW when I turn it on it shows the LG logo the shows the picture for a few seconds and it turns back off but the led light is still on

  21. Rasto on Sat, 25th May 2013 12:25 am
  22. I have a LG L226WA. The picture is like when you have very weak signal on TV. You can see the shifts between lines of pixels. Can you help me with this? Thank you in advance.

  23. PFJjuniorTech on Thu, 6th Jun 2013 3:32 pm
  24. speaking of C300, C203 and C206 are 1000uf 25volt and C208 and C209 are 1000uf 16volt.
    how much ohm do you discharging them before you solder it off ?
    i m supposed to proceed to remove theses parts but i know capacitors have high voltage so i want to know if i need to discharge first then remove it ?
    how much ohm did you put it to discharge or not ?
    if you didnt put ohm then i guess you used screwdriver insulate to discharge it.
    did it spark a lot or nothing much ?
    wont it affect on pcb while discharging ?
    btw i m not proper english because i am using ASL as well.
    thank you in advance :) sorry if question is sometime silly.
    i want to be safety for myself and the pcb board itself without damaging more.

  25. Dave on Thu, 22nd Aug 2013 1:21 pm
  26. I have a LG FLATRON W2061TQ that keeps blowing the fuse “used replacement F3609-ND from Digi-Key” on the power board. The caps look fine “no bulges or leakage” but was wondering if that could still be the problem with the fuse blowing or could I have a deeper issue with the monitor.

  27. Peter Sparks on Mon, 20th Jan 2014 3:02 pm
  28. Today 20 January 2014 I have been given a LG Flatron L226 WA-SN Monitor made in 2007. It has the same problem as the one in your repair video ie it will not switch on. My question is does this monitor have the same capacitor problem, if it is the same problem, will your capacitor repair kit be suitable for this version? I have not dismantled it yet but Iam ok about doing a repair as outlined in your video.
    As I currently live in Spain could you deliver a kit to this country?

  29. Steve on Sun, 16th Feb 2014 11:25 am
  30. I have a L226WTQ-BF. This monitor was dead. I performed the capasitor
    replacment as described in the video. the monitor will now power up, but
    will not display video from any input. it only comes on with a white screen,
    then cycles red, green, and blue. None of the menu, and control buttons
    work except the power button.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  31. Mart on Thu, 7th Aug 2014 8:30 pm
  32. very useful – thanks! I’m replacing 5 caps on an LG monitor. Other guys talking about the same capacitor issue say it’s ok if the voltage of the replacement capacitors is higher. Is this true, and if so, how much higher can you go? I have 2 x 16v and 3 x 25v to replace. Could I replace all with 25v? Again, thanks!

  33. Jammy on Thu, 4th Sep 2014 5:53 pm
  34. Will the cap replacement fix the problem of an all-white screen? My L226WTQ occasionally goes into a mode where the entire screen is white. Tested with another laptop and tested the original laptop with a good monitor. It is definitely a problem with the monitor.

  35. curley on Tue, 27th Jan 2015 8:33 am
  36. my LG L226WTQ-BF has 1-1000uf 25v, 1- 1000uf 16v. 2- 680uf 25v and i can’t make out the other one. there’s a black bullet shaped one at the end, what’s that ?

  37. Steve on Sat, 28th Mar 2015 3:34 pm
  38. I have a LG Flatron W2252TQ

    It it taken apart in the same fashion as in the video on this site? Also do you have the capacitor kit for this model?

  39. Shasta on Sat, 19th Sep 2015 8:10 am
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  41. Randy on Wed, 4th May 2016 1:10 pm
  42. You saved another LG from the landfill.

    Thank you for the clear concise instructions & videos.

    My monitor sat on the corner of my bench for over a year & very nearly went out with my spring cleaning. I decided to do a search and there was a description of my exact failure and instructions to fix it.

    Best Regards,

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  45. John on Sat, 4th Jun 2016 8:29 pm
  46. Re: LG monitor W2361VV
    I have two of these monitors which failed in exactly the same way within a couple of months of each other. They are about 6 years old and have been run almost continuously. I am of the mind not to trash anything that may have use down the road so I was originally going to salvage the display and cannibalize the circuit boards for parts. Just for giggles and grins I searched the net to see if this was a common fault with these monitors. Lo and behold I found your site which not only documented the failure mode but also offered a solution. Even though my monitors aren’t listed in your repair section it was still obvious as to which caps were defective since they were visibly distorted. Fortunately cap manufacturers these days build vented caps so you don’t end up with the mess you used to get when caps would explode from the pressure. Fyi, the power boards in my monitors use 3 each of the 450uf, 35v and 3 of the 1000uf, 16v. I am a retired EE and radio amateur (Ham) with a well stocked parts inventory but unfortunately I had to order these parts from a supplier I deal with. I won’t mention their name since I don’t want to interfere with your business. In closing I have to say you did a real excellent job of documenting the repair via your videos; although, the repair may be beyond any but the most ardent hobbyists or people who spent time in the industry. So, thanks for the insight to the repair of these monitors. Once I get them up and running I have to figure out where I’m going to use them since I already replaced them with Acer monitors. Thank gods my wife is also an engineer and ham so I’ll have her to help me figure out what to do with them. Feast or famine! :-D

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