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We just had a few of the LG W2753V-pf 27″ monitors in our shop for repair and every one had the same problem, no power at all due to a failure of the filter capacitors on the power supply board. The board is the LGP26-09P. Bad filter capacitors on the power supply board can cause all sorts of issues such as:No power, just flashing power light, wavy picture, very slow to show a picture or random power off problems. In this repair guide we will show you how to dis-assemble the unit and repair the power supply board.

To do the repair you will need the following tools:
Philips Screwdriver
30-40Watt soldering iron
Desolder Wick
replacement capacitors(See list below)(Available here)

Here is a picture of the LGP26-09P power supply board with the capacitors that need to be replaced are shown circled in yellow. The values and board locations are as follows:

The kit contains the following:
qty(1) 1000uf 35v capacitor Location C252
qty(1) 3300uf 10v capacitor Location C202
qty(1) 1000uf 25v short capacitor Location C253
qty(1) 470f 10v capacitor Location C203
qty(1) 33uf 50v capacitor Location C506
qty(2) 47uf 50v capacitors Location C507 and C508

Dis-assembly and repair videos for this model can be found HERE.

Be sure to use good quality low ESR, high ripple current, high temp capacitors or you can damage the power supply board. More information on getting the correct capacitors can be found on our capacitor page.

We sell a repair kit with all of the proper value and size capacitors for $14.95 if you don’t want to worry about having to find the correct parts.

This is not guaranteed to solve all problems but in most cases this is the issue with this model.

If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, use the service request link. Most monitor repairs run $35-40 plus return shipping.

Be sure to check out our forums section where you can ask questions about this repair or find information about other topics.

Video 1 covers the dis-assembly of the unit.

Video 2 covers the power supply board repair.

The capacitor kit used for the repair in the video is available here.

Video 3 covers the re-assembly and testing of the unit.

Post a comment below to let us know how your repair went!

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4 Comments on LG W2753v repair – No picture , No power

  1. CHARLES on Fri, 11th Jan 2013 2:03 am
  2. u’re makin our lives easy thanks a lot

  3. Steve on Fri, 5th Jul 2013 5:06 pm
  4. I have this monitor and when I turn it on, it displays a picture for a few seconds and then goes into sleep mode.

    I have tried replacing the capacitors and it still does the same thing.

    If i plug in a new video input, it will display for a second and then go back to sleep. The same happens when i disconnect an input.

    Any idea what else might be causing it?

  5. Etienne on Sat, 1st Feb 2014 7:40 pm
  6. WOW! I take 2 minutes to thank you. I made ​​all the changes as directed and it works wonderfully! I bought exactly the capacitors as on your list with the exception of two that have the same microfarad but a slightly higher voltage. Thank you thank you thank you! Etienne, Quebec, Montreal.

  7. Borge on Fri, 3rd Jul 2015 2:34 am
  8. Hi there. I am having problem with a 32″ LG not starting at all. I found your video on youtube, and think it might be the same problem. The power board is a LGP26-09P / LGP 32-09P E32, and it is not the exact same one you are repairing. Do you have a repair kit for my model?


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