New Facebook scam: Chuck Norris is dead!

January 25, 2012 by
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Today Sophus security released information about a new Facebook Scam claiming that Chuck Norris has died. Like many other Facebook scams this one tries to look as convincing as possible prompt you to click the link. The message even says there is an attached news video telling the whole story. Clicking on the link will open a web page with survey information asking for your name, address and other things and then promising a free Starbucks gift card or other great prize.

If you get a Facebook message that looks similar to this one do not click the link, Chuck Norris is alive and well.

Image credit: Sophos

These type of scams are beginning to be much more common because some people do full for them and the more people that see the scam the more will click it. The bad guys now this and are banking on you clicking the link. Some people may even think these fake surveys are harmless but the more information the crook has the better they can hack you. Some people use the same passwords and user names or emails to register on different internet sites. Once the bad guys get your login information they can setup automated programs to try all of the well traveled site with the login information and when they find one then the door is wide open to your account.

As always, use different logins on each web site, do not use standard words for the password, and do not click on every message link just because it looks interesting or shocking.

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