Recall on HP 1040 and 1050 fax machines

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If you are using an HP 1040 fax or 1050 fax machine please stop using it immediately and unplug the power cord. On Jan 31st 2012 HP issued a voluntary recall on these units due to a potential over heating and fire hazard.

Between 2004 and 2011 HP sold over 1.1 million of these units and several have overheated and caught fire prompting the recall. This HP recall also extends the recall on the HP Fax 1010 and 1010xi units that were recalled in 2008. If you have any of these units please contact HP at or by phone at (888) 654-9296 to get a rebate. You will need the full model number from the front of the unit and the FCC ID number from the back sticker of the unit to process your recall claim.

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One Comment on Recall on HP 1040 and 1050 fax machines

  1. Halo on Fri, 3rd Feb 2012 4:57 pm
  2. Okay, whats the rush I have had this fax and have used it regularly for the past 4 years. Nice to finally know it could have caused a fire and who knows what else. Instead of giving you a rebate why don’t they just let you pick what you want and not limit you to their choice. I noticed there are some new printer products out that are not on the choices to pick. I think they should not worry about having people send their rollers back and just give them a refund based on the fact they know the consumers bought their faulty products. Somehow I don’t know how much I believe of their story that it was a voluntary recall. Nobody does anything anymore unless they are forced to. Something to thing about consumers. Buyer Beware!

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