Repairing a Dell 1905FP / 1907FP LCD monitor

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We have had several Dell 1905FP and 1907FPVt units in our shop with power supply problems. Both of these monitor models use the same PTB-1511 power supply board and the most common cause of power problems is the capacitors on this board. When these parts start to go out it can cause several symptoms such as: No power, just a flashing power light, slow to show a picture or a wavy picture when the unit first powers up. By replacing the defective capacitors on the power supply board you can bring these units back to full operation. This same power supply board is used in the Dell 1704FPt and Dell 1706FPt monitors. This repair guide will show you how to dis-assemble these units and repair the power supply board.

To repair these units you will need the following tools:
Phillips screwdriver
Soldering iron
Desolder wick

The capacitors that need to be replaced are shown circled in yellow in the picture below. The values and board locations are as follows:
qty(2) 220uf 50v capacitors in locations C130 and C131
qty(4) 470uf 35v capacitors in locations C815, C811, C814 and C812
qty(1) 1000uf 25v capacitors (short) in location C826
qty(3) 1000uf 10v capacitor in locations C823, C824 and C825

Be sure to use good quality low ESR, high ripple current, high temp capacitors or you can damage the power supply board. More information on getting the correct capacitors can be found on our capacitor page.

We sell a repair kit with all of the proper value and size capacitors for $14.00 if you don’t want to worry about getting the correct parts.

This is not guaranteed to solve all problems but in most cases this is the issue with this model. If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, use the service request link. Most monitor repairs run $35-40 plus return shipping. Be sure to check out our forums section where you can ask questions about this repair or find information about other topics.

Below are the three video repair guides for this Dell monitor group.
Dis-assembly and power supply removal.

Power supply board repair

The capacitor kit used is available here.
Re-Assembly and testing

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10 Comments on Repairing a Dell 1905FP / 1907FP LCD monitor

  1. Ken Sheehan on Tue, 2nd Oct 2012 11:55 am
  2. I just replaced the caps on the Power Supply Board of a Dell 1905FP LCD monitor. The replacement caps came in yesterday (1 Oct 12). After replacing the caps I checked the monitor. The power light came on after awhile, the display id came on, then the display worked for a few seconds and turned off again. It continued to cycle on and off for a few mins. The old caps did not show sign of damage. Do you have any ideas on what to look at next?

  3. N. Graham on Wed, 16th Jan 2013 8:28 am
  4. This did the trick for my 1905fp — thanks for making the repair kit available and for the helpful videos!

  5. Jehoda István on Wed, 27th Feb 2013 12:50 pm
  6. Dear company!
    Ey Dell monitor which is a PTB-1511 power operation.
    The power supply is broken in R805, R814, R815, resistor and diode D806.
    I need the value of these parts.

  7. Luis Estrada on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 12:00 am
  8. Jehoda István,
    The parts you are looking for are:

    R805 100 ohm SMD package 1206
    R814 22 ohm ”
    R815 200 ohm ”
    D806 S2M 1000v 1.5 A SMB

    and can be ordered on eBay. Also, have you checked the power mosfet?
    Hope all goes well

  9. Luis Estrada on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 12:06 am
  10. Jehoda István,
    The parts you are looking for are:

    R805 100 ohm SMD package 1206
    R814 22 ohm ”
    R815 200 ohm ”
    D806 S2M 1000v 1.5 A SMB

    and can be ordered on eBay. Also, have you checked the power mosfet?
    Hope all goes well.

  11. Jehoda István on Fri, 1st Mar 2013 3:25 pm
  12. Thanks for your help!

  13. JB on Sun, 7th Apr 2013 10:24 pm
  14. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions! The repair went perfectly on my 1905 monitor.

  15. Dave on Tue, 9th Apr 2013 1:26 am
  16. Worked great! Good video and kit. I probably wouldn’t have attempted it if the instructions were written. Thanks for saving my monitor – it has the most versatile mount I have seen.

  17. Jaro Rusnak on Tue, 5th Nov 2013 7:17 am
  18. I replaced C824 and C825. Now power supply works.
    The block of Backlight Inverter not works. The voltage at the J101 and J107 is about 22V DC.
    Can you help me please?

  19. CCL_TECH on Tue, 19th Nov 2013 9:01 am
  20. You need to replace all of the capacitors shown not just those 2. Some of the capacitors on that board will fail without showing any damage.

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