Repairing a LG L1932TQ-bf that will not power up

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Here we have a LG L1932TQ-bf monitor that came into our shop with no power and needs to be repaired. This usually indicates an issue with the power supply board. This model monitor uses the AIP-0108 power supply board, which is also used in these models too: L1750S, L1950SQ, L1715S, L1732Q. The guide includes parts lists and videos showing how to disassemble the L1932TQ and repair the power supply board.

If you have any of the following problems with your monitor then this guide should help you get it back up and running:
No power
Flashing power light and no picture
Very slow to show a picture
A wavy picture once to shows

To complete the repair you will need the following tools and parts:
Philips Screwdriver
30-40 watt soldering iron
desolder wick
electronics solder
capacitor kit with the correct sizes(See below)

The kit contains the following:
qty(2) 1000uf 25v capacitors
qty(2) 1000uf 16v capacitors
qty(1) 470uf 25v capacitor
qty(1) 680uf 25v capacitor
qty(1) .47uf 50v capacitor
qty(1) 33uf 50v capacitor

Here is a picture of the power supply board with the filter capacitors that need to be changed show circled in yellow. Be sure to use low ESR, High ripple current and high temp capacitors in the repair. A kit of the correct capacitors is available HERE

Below you will find the 3 part video series covering this repair.
Part 1: Disassembly

Part 2: Board repair

A kit of the correct capacitors is available HERE

Part 3: Reassembly and testing

Be sure to leave us a comment below on how your repair came out, we love to hear your success stores. If you have a question about the repair you can also leave a comment and we will get right back with you. Asking questions about your repair in the comments instead of email allows other readers to benefit from the question/answer process too.

Thanks for reading..

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17 Comments on Repairing a LG L1932TQ-bf that will not power up

  1. sanjay datt on Mon, 25th Mar 2013 4:50 am
  2. i have a dell model: E176FPb LCD problem is that it turns on and the led shows that it is on but there is no display on the screen. i tried to check the capacitors and did a dry soldering…. to see if it could fix the problem, but i still face the same problem with the di:play scrren. Once i just left the LCD monitor ON for long and the display comes back on for a few moments and then disappears again… there any possible way to solve this.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  3. Peter on Fri, 26th Apr 2013 11:31 am
  4. Many thanks for your video. I had a Flat Iron L1932TX-BFwith the exact documented power up problems. Great satisfaction as it is now working after installation of your capacitor kit. Without the video I doubt if I would have solved the problem as all the electrolytic capacitors showed good on a Huntron Tracker and also provided a good kick on an analog ohmmeter. The shot gun approach of replacing all high risk components will be kept “on file” as I have not had too much success with switching power supplies in the past.

    One minor problem to report, this particular model has a plastic cover that goes over the capacitors, the 1000/25V (C202,C206) capacitors in the kit are too tall to allow the cover to snap in place.

    The power of the internet continues to amaze me, many thanks.


  5. Dominic on Mon, 27th May 2013 10:55 am
  6. Could I fix an LG 1730s this way? or do you have a kit that could do it? I’m a bit lost and a little disappointed I can’t find my model number!

  7. CCL_TECH on Tue, 28th May 2013 2:07 pm
  8. Hello Dominic,

    The same basic repair would work on your monitor. The LG 1730S uses the AI-0066 power supply board so the capacitor values will be a bit different. We just added the repair kit for that model to our parts store. You can find it here:

  9. Dominic on Tue, 28th May 2013 2:54 pm
  10. Thanks! I just took the board out to have a look at it! I’m a little worried though, it appears many of the caps have large globs of white rubber stuff around their legs? Do I need to scrape that off first? I’m totally new to soldering! I don’t want to fail by setting this white stuff alight by accident!

    I would simply send it to you guys but I live in the UK and shipping would be both expensive and long! Can’t believe there isn’t someone doing this sort of thing here though!

  11. CCL_TECH on Tue, 28th May 2013 3:45 pm
  12. Hello again,
    The white rubber stuff is just a glue used in board assembly. They glue the caps in place before they solder them. THe glue is silicone based so you can not burn it. Just scrape or pull the glue off the parts and the board. You can check out some of our video repair guides on youtube here: We do not have one yet for that model but the others will give you a good idea how to do the removal and replacement of the capacitors.

  13. Jaco kotze on Wed, 10th Jul 2013 2:34 am
  14. Hi I have the same problem with the power. I dissembled the screen and desided to heat it up like you would do with the xbox to fiix the issue with the soldering, then when i turned it on it worked. So when the power board is heated up it turns on and when the board is cold it does not turn on, will replacing the caps fix this problem

  15. naman on Sun, 18th Aug 2013 4:54 pm
  16. First, I must congratulate you on such a good guide that you have made. It’s one of the best reference site for monitor repair. I too have a LG flatron 1730S and I just tried to follow your guide. But, there were only 2 bolts at the bottom that I removed after removing the stand.I was able to remove the top lid from the lcd. But, now I am stuck. The LCD seems to be fixed in it’s position and thus nothing comes out if I try to flip it over just like the video. And so I am unable to reach the power cards that should be present below the Lcd. Is there something else that I need to do. Any similar tutorial that I can follow for that?

  17. naman on Mon, 19th Aug 2013 1:53 am
  18. @dominic: could you tell me how you managed to open this LCD up. I also have lg flatron 1730S and nothing is mentioned anywhere. I tried following this guide, but there are only 2 screws at the bottom. And no screw at the centre. Also, the lcd seems to be stuck after removing the top panel. Are there more groves or bolts that I need to remove? Your help would be much apprecited.

  19. Dominic on Mon, 19th Aug 2013 3:50 am
  20. @naman, You need to remove the stand, to do that you need to remove the plastic cover, the piece that slides up and down so you can hide the monitors cables in the stand. If you do this I believe you can then access the other two screws you need to remove the stand. After that you need to tease of the plastic frame on the front of the monitor. I think this is as far as you have got? Be careful of the buttons which are set in the plastic frame. Then there should be four black plastic clips; two along each vertical side of the screen. These hold the lcd in the back part of the plastic case. Try to hold the clips back on one side Raise that side of the screen up a little, then do the same on the other and it should lift out.. Then simply follow the instructions, I found I had a lot of white flux to remove but other than that it all went well. Good luck.

  21. naman on Mon, 19th Aug 2013 7:46 am
  22. @dominic: Thanks a lot! I was able to take it out now. Surprisingly, I didn’t have that white glue as you explained. It was just a normal board there.
    Mine have been manufactured in india and it’s a 2006 model. Maybe, they might have introduced some more changes in the manufacturing process. Yours seems to be nicely built though. I changed 2 capacitators that had a bulge from the top. I was able to get the display. But, after a second it goes down again. If I reconnect it again i just get a glimpse of the current screen for a second or two before it again fades away. What could be causing such a behavior?
    Is there a connetor loose on the power board or any other problem that I am unable to find?or should I replace all other capacitators as well even though they seem to be fine?

  23. Dominic on Mon, 19th Aug 2013 8:13 am
  24. @naman,

    I’d replace ALL the capacitors suggested in the guide. I swapped all of the out for a new cap with exactly the same specs. My power board looked a little different from the one above too, but I basically swapped out all the radial caps I could find. If that doesn’t help then I fear there may be a problem with the monitors back-light bulb and you’ll have exhausted my ability to advise.

  25. Eric S. on Sun, 16th Nov 2014 8:59 pm
  26. Once again, kept a monitor out of the landfill. I had 3 of these monitors. All failed with the same power supply issues. One repaired under warranty. One failed a year or two ago, I repaired it with your kit. Today I repaired a second one with your kit, and the superb video instructions. Took about an hour, since I’m not as speedy with the iron as you are. I find a solder sucker works better for me for removing components too.

    It’s also great not having to source the parts individually and pay shipping charges from Mouser or some other internet electronics supplier.


  27. Darrin De May on Wed, 9th Aug 2017 1:30 pm
  28. I cracked open our good ol’ LG Flatron L1732TQ-BF to have a look at the power supply, since nothing happens when you try to power it on. None of the capacitors are visibly swollen, but I ordered one of your capacitor kits anyway. If replacing the capacitors doesn’t get it to fire up, what’s next?

  29. Darrin De May on Fri, 18th Aug 2017 12:16 pm
  30. While waiting for my capacitor kit to arrive, I pulled all of the suspect bad capacitors from my power supply board. I mapped them out as follows, using the labeling silkscreened on the board:

    (2) 1000uf 25v capacitors – C202, C206
    (2) 1000uf 16v capacitors – C204, C205
    (1) 470uf 25v capacitor – C207
    (1) 680uf 25v capacitor – C203
    (1) .47uf 50v capacitor – C105
    (1) 33uf 50v capacitor – C103

    If any of this is incorrect, please let me know before I solder on my new capacitors!

  31. Darrin De May on Mon, 21st Aug 2017 6:09 pm
  32. My capacitor kit showed up today, so I whipped out my trusty 40W soldering iron and got to it. I’m happy to report a successful capacitor kit installation, proof of which was a freshly functional LG Flatron L1732TQ-BF monitor! Thanks again, Buddy!

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