Repairing a Polaroid TLA-01911c with a bad power supply

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The Polaroid TLA-01911c LCD TV used bad quality capacitors int he power supply board and this has been causing many problems. The power supply board is the 200-000-xxxxtltx. This board is also used in several other brand and model of TVs such as the following Element FLX-2210 and FLX-2211 because these units are all actually made by Funai corp. If you have one of these units that has any of the following symptoms then your power board is having issues: No power, flashing power light, take a long time to show a picture or has a wavy picture. The capacitors are in the filter section and when they start failing the power supply can not start up correctly causing all of these issues. When the capacitors go bad you can usually see a bulging or doming of the top, it should be flat. When replacing the capacitors you should replace all of them not just the ones showing bulging.

To complete the repair you will need the following items:
Phillips screwdriver
30 watt soldering iron
desolder wick
Capacitor kit which contains the following:
qty(1) 1500uf 10v capacitors
qty(1) 680uf 25v capacitors
qty(4) 680uf 16v capacitors
qty(7) 470uf 25v capacitor
qty(1) 10uf 50v capacitor
qty(1) 22uf 50v capacitor

Be sure to use good quality low ESR, high ripple current, high temp capacitors or you can damage the power supply board. More information on getting the correct capacitors can be found on our capacitor page.
We sell a repair kit with all of the proper value and size capacitors for $16.95 if you don’t want to worry about getting the correct parts.

Here is a picture of the power supply board with the capacitors that will need to be replaced shown circled in yellow.

The defective capacitors will need to be desoldered and the new ones soldered into the board. When installing the new parts be sure to match the polarity stripe on the side of the new one with the stripe on the old part.

This is not guaranteed to solve all problems but in most cases this is the issue with this model. If you don’t want to do the repair yourself, use the service request link. If we rebuild your board for you the charge is $39.55 plus return shipping. Be sure to check out our forums section where you can ask questions about this repair or find information about other topics. Post a comment below to let us know how your repair went!

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3 Comments on Repairing a Polaroid TLA-01911c with a bad power supply

  1. coby on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 11:03 am
  2. replaced all capacitors with ones in your kit with all stripes matching old caps. now i have no power when i plug it in. dont know what went wrong? thanks for any help.

  3. tim hibbens on Tue, 25th Mar 2014 9:41 pm
  4. I have a polaroid 22″ hd lcd tv with dvd combo. It comes on and works great for about 15 min then it turns off. then it will come back on for a few mins thens goes off again, what is the problem ?? and how do I fix it

  5. douglas rogers on Tue, 21st Jul 2015 2:46 pm
  6. Fixed Polaroid TLA-01911C by replacing both boards. Had used as monitor on Dell Optilex 320 for 9 years and lost picture. Used as monitor on Acer Aspire for a couple of weeks and lost all power. Put old power board back. Still all lights off. No swollen capacitors or burned spots on power board. Plug sparked once when pulled from power strip. Was able to restart TV a couple of times before total failure.

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