Replacing a broken keyboard on the Dell Latitude D620 and D820 laptop

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Replacing a non-functioning keyboard on a laptop is very easy to do. We have had a few Dell D620 and D830 laptops come into our shop with broken or sticky keyboards that needed to be replaced. The process takes less than 3 minutes to do and only takes a small Philips screwdriver to complete.

If you have any of the following Dell Latitude models then this short guide will show you how to replace the keyboard:





or the Precision M65

The keyboard assembly in the above Dell models also contain the eraser point or track point controller. If you have missing key tops, your keyboard does not type some of the characters, types the wrong characters or the track point moves by itself then replacing the keyboard will solve the problem. It is just held in with 3 screws and a plastic bezel along the top.

Dell UC172 Keyboard

The part number for the keyboard unit is UC172 Keyboard which is available from many places on the internet including The same part number is used on all of the Dell laptops listed above.

Here is our YouTube video showing the replacement process on the Dell Latitude D620, the other models listed above follow the same procedure.

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