Seagate to exit 2.5″ magnetic drive production by 2014

March 5, 2013 by
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Seagate technologies has announced that they will be stopping the production of 2.5″ 7200rpm magnetic hard drives by the end of the year. As the production of SSD drives increases the prices will continue to fall which will lead to the market for magnetic drives to decrease. The SSD drives are faster and more rugged when compared to the older magnetic drives and with the prices dropping the sales numbers will be increasing to replace the lost revenue.

Currently Seagate does not produce consumer SSD drives but late last year they signed a contract with Densbits to co-develop consumer and enterprise class SSD drives. It will be a while before 7200rpm drives from Seagate disappear entirely because there is a large number of drives in the channel.

The second large player in the laptop drive market is Western Digital, they have not announced any future plans for 2.5 inch drive production.

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  2. I need my GX620 mother board repaired. Can I send you the unit ?
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