Security breach at, 24 Millions customer records accessed

January 16, 2012 by
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If you are a customer of the web shopping site WWW.ZAPPOS.COM then you need to change your password. Late Sunday night the online retailer posted a notice stating that they had a security breach and that the account information for 24 million customers had been accessed but that the account data did not include credit card information. Zappos has stated that the passwords accessed on their site were encrypted but did not give any more information about how. The company is working with law enforcement to investigate the breach. They are requiring all returning customers to change their passwords.

If you use the same password on multiple sites then you need to change all of them. Using the same password on multiple sites is bad practice because of just this sort of thing. Just think, if the bad guys get your email address and password they can then try PayPal, Ebay, Banking sites and other online retailers. Even worse if the login credentials are the same for your logins on Facebook or webmail sites like Gmail or Hotmail then they can pretend to be you to get your friends to give up information.

As always with this type of activity speed is of utmost importance, the faster the passwords are changed the less time the cyber-criminals have to potentially access your accounts. Change your passwords and let any friends that may use Zappos to change theirs too.
Here is the link to the Zappos web site to get more information:

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