Alert: Evernote site hacked – passwords stolen

Over the past few days the Evernote web site was hacked and user data was taken. This data consisted of user names, encrypted passwords, email addresses. At this time they do not believe any customer data has been compromised. If you use the Evernote service you will need to reset your passwords online and on any iOS or Android devices that connect to the service. There are full reset instructions posted in your account on the service. Log into your account and follow the directions to reset your main account first then update your devices with the new information. Read more

Security breach at, 24 Millions customer records accessed

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If you are a customer of the web shopping site WWW.ZAPPOS.COM then you need to change your password. Late Sunday night the online retailer posted a notice stating that they had a security breach and that the account information for 24 million customers had been accessed but that the account data did not include credit card information. Zappos has stated that the passwords accessed on their site were encrypted but did not give any more information about how. The company is working with law enforcement to investigate the breach. They are requiring all returning customers to change their passwords. Read more

New Facebook malware threat – Ramnit

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Security research company Seculert has been tracking a new variant of the Ramnit worm. The original Ramnit worm has been around for over a year and was designed to steal FTP credentials and cookies stored on your PC. The second version discovered in August of last year was set on obtaining your financial information such as bank logins and account number. Symantec stated in a PDF file last July that oproximatly 17.3% of machine infections could be traced to the Ramnit worm. Over the period of September to December 2011 they tracked the worm on over 800,000 machines. The worm has now taken on a new persona, it now is out to steal your Facebook credentials. Read more

Is your username and password safe?

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With all of the data breaches happening it’s getting very hard to keep your information safe.  Hackers are getting user names, passwords and other information from files on these web sites. Over the past few months there have been data leaks at many sites, one of the largest  happened at a  company called Epsilon.  Read more

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