Linksys Router setup screens for reference

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If you need to help someone setup their Linksys/Cicso router but you are not in the same location sometimes it gets to be quite tricky trying to guide them from screen to screen if you can’t see what they see.  Linksys has provided the configuration pages in HTML format so you can move from screen to screen just as you would on a router. The files can be found at: You just find the product model you need, click the directory and then click the version number. You will be presented with a web page version of the router.

If you have to support users of family members this information can be very useful.

How to extend your home network using 2 wireless routers

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From time to time we have been asked how to extend a home network so that you have a good wireless signal strength in a large house or building. WiFi only works for a few hundred feet, less if you add walls of floors. What is a good solution? Read more