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We have had great comments about the Torque OBDII reader App article we did earlier so here is another free useful Android app that is automobile oriented – Trapster. If you live in or travel to areas that use red light cameras or speeding cameras then you should check this app out. With over 11 million downloads and 4.5 million traps in the database Trapster is well established. In addition to the camera information Trapster can also warn of construction zones, road hazards and school zones.

The app runs on your Android phone or tablet and notifies you about any approaching areas. It also monitors your speed and warns you if you are traveling over the posted speed limit.

Here is a screen cap we did showing our speed, the red light camera that we were about to pass ans even a Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station.

As you drive the screen scrolls showing the information and warnings based on your rate of speed so you will have time to slow down before the camera gets you. The app can run in the background with just a touch of 1 button and just announce the information if you don’t want to use the screen. Another nice feature of the software is that the camera and road hazard data is user generated with driver added information. This is great because every user of Trapster can update and add map information as they drive providing much better and accurate data. If you find a camera or road hazard that is not shown just press the “report” button and add the information to help others avoid the problem.

I have used this app on my Samsung fascinate and it works great. The only negative is that since it uses data and GPS functions it does run the battery down so I would suggest using a car charger for you android device.

Trapster runs on any Android device running Android 1.5 and above that has GPS and data access.

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