Visco VSC-37V1 – no picture, let’s repair it.

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In this repair guide article we will be repairing a Visco VSC-37V1 37″ LCD monitor that has a power light but no picture, but it could also have no power or a blinking power light caused by the same issue. This model uses the MLT070AX power supply that is also used in the following Polaroid models: 3700, FLM-323B , FLM-373B , FLM-3732 and in some Element TVs such as the FLX3711B

The power supply board in these units are easy to get to perform the repairs. To complete the repair you will need the following tools: Phillips screwdriver, soldering iron, desolder wick and solder. To start turn the unit around so you can see the back side and remove the screws as shown below.

Here is the unit with the back panel removed so you can see the power supply board we will be working on.The usual failure points on this board are shown circled below. The repair requires replacing the 10 capacitors.The values needed for the repair are as follows:

C120 1000uf 35v
C119 470uf 35v
C118, C117, C115, C114 470uf 16v
C115, C114, C112, C113 1000uf 10v
C109 100uf 25v
C111 47uf 25v
C??? Under heat sink 220uf 35v
Be sure to use the correct capacitors for the repair. You can check out this page on our web site that gives additional information about capacitors:
We have a kit with the correct parts already selected available in our web store for $18.95 with free shipping.

If you don’t want to do the repair yourself we do offer a repair service for this model, the repair runs $40 plus return shipping. You can schedule service here:

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