Need help installing Lexmark s305 multipurpose machine in 10

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Need help installing Lexmark s305 multipurpose machine in 10

Postby Caleb86 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:15 am

I want to install a driver for my Lexmark Impact s305 multipurpose machine, using the driver the Lexmark site recommended, but have been completely unsuccessful.

Here's the software by name.

I extracted after right clicking on the icon, and that produced this file:

I launched that, got past the license agreement, and came up to a screen that said I needed root privileges and asked for an "administrative password."

I only have one password and entered that. It always works installing software via Synaptic or the Ubuntu Software Center, and everywhere else.

Nevertheless, in trying to install this driver, I got this error message: "incorrect password."

I have been unable to get around this despite repeated efforts. The installer software simply won't accept my password and so it won't install the driver.

In researching the issue, I have seen other people complain of the same problem.

Given that I am a noob at this, have I missed something critical to the install? Does the software just not work (I have heard Lexmark is not too keen on Linux)?

Help! Please, a lifeline.

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