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LCD Monitor Repair Guides and kits:

Welcome to our monitor repair pages where you will find step by step guide to repairing your dead LCD monitor. Find your monitor and click on the link below to go to the proper guide. Each guide has pictures showing disassembly and parts locations along with tools needed and replacement parts lists. These is also a link to purchase the full parts kit for each repair on the guide page if you need them. If you have questions or don't see a guide for you monitor send us an email about it and we will try to get you going.

If you don't want to do the repair yourself, contact us about servicing the monitor for you. Most monitor repairs run $30-35 plus return shipping. Click here for details.

Choose the proper parts for your LCD monitor repair.

Westinghouse L1975W 19"
DAC-19M005 power supply board
This power supply board repair also works on the following:
Acer AL1916W, Acer X193W, Acer AL2017A, Viewsonic VA1916B, Viewsonic VA1916W,
Viewsonic VA1926W, Westinghouse L2046NV, Gateway FPD-1830

Dell E173FPf

Dell E172FPc or E173FPc 17" LCD Monitor

Dell E173FPb and Dell E172FPb

Dell 1702FP 17" LCD Monitor Added 12/09/09

Samsung 930B and 720 series

Samsung 214T 21.5" series
also for the SyncMaster 204T, 225BW and 226BW

Samsung 204B series

Xerox XG-92D
also know as:
Xerox XG-91D
Mag Innovision LT916s and LT982s
Proview PL913s

Hanns-G HW173D

Gateway FPD1975W
The same power supply is also used it to following:
Viewsonic VG1930WM

LG L226WTG-BF 22" LCD monitor Added 12/09/09

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LCD Monitor Power Adapters and Cords.

More guides coming as soon as we get the guides developed and posted, keep checking back for your monitor.

If you have any questions email and we will get right back to you.

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